Tuesday, September 25, 2012

fall for fun

fall came in with a bang for us. temps were in the low thirties this morning but quickly warmed up as the day went. since it started out brisk i thought the best thing to do for the boy was layer his clothing. that way as the day went he could shed a layer or two as the weather warmed up. i'm tempted to pack up his shorts but i'll wait til we get deep into the season. i myself have packed up the summer wardrobe because i don't foresee the weather getting about 80 again this year. and that's where my shorts-wearing gauge starts. adiĆ³s summer!

shirt:  carters (similar)  ||  vest: gap (similar)  ||  jeans:  osh kosh 
shoes:  vans  ||  hat:  gap

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

best buds

here's little man spending a little quality time with his cousin, bella, this summer. they are finally getting to the age where they enjoy each others company. yes, i'm using the phrase "enjoy" very loosely here, it was more like tolerate each others company. there were occasional squabbles but for the most part they got along. not bad, considering they are both two and we all know how terrible they can be. ;)

shirt:  gap (similar)  ||  pants:  mini boden
shoes:  vans  ||  hat:  diy

Thursday, September 06, 2012

little rugby

lately the boy is fanatical when it comes to a subject. mind you it's not one subject but all subjects. he's all in. last week it was music, woke up wanting to karaoke to music videos, listen to music on our phones, singing in the tub, etc. this week it's trains. wanting to hit up every train table he's ever come in contact with, turning my candles into a train and actually using his own train table. well, a mom can only take so much choo-chooing at the top of his lungs so i was happy when he said yes to playing in his sandbox. now if i can just get him to keep the sand in the box.

shirt:  carters  ||  cargos:  carters  ||  shoes:  vans  ||  hat:  born to love

* hat was bought through babysteals