Monday, February 05, 2007

tanning beds R 4 losers!

the new ad campaign for the aad. i thought it was funny, a little unrealistic and a bit on the cheesy side. click on the print ad to see the 60 second commercial. will update on the rest of the trip when we get home. one more day in the big city!

5 comments: said...


Like, like, like.

So over.

You're an idiot.

-- that's what I got from the commercial. I may have to blog about this.

susan and sometimes aaron said...

seriously, @teothd it's so not worth it.

b safe, dgt!

what the hell. do people really talk like this. i need a dictionary to decipher what's being said. so glad i'm too old to understand, C U @ the tanning salon!

Anonymous said...

what does teothd mean?

Anonymous said...

@theothd = at the end of the day

HockeyGod said...

You can translate all of that slang at

You can even send a text message that auto translates it at too.