Friday, February 02, 2007


we made it. flew out of bloomington yesterday around 6. made it to detroit with about 20 minutes to catch our connecting flight. ran across the airport, i actually broke out in a sweat, the thought. plus i was wearing compression stockings from a leg vein procedure, so my feet were numb by the time we arrived. the plane had to be de-iced. the first time either one had seen it done. pretty cool.

no time to eat a bite. $2 for a snack size pringles and $2 for trail mix on the plane. hit some turbulance. my fear of flying is getting worse. i'm white-knuckling the arm rests when i hear the little kids behind us yell, "whoa, wh-oa, there's something wrong with the plane, whoa!" i just started smiling. these 3 and 4 year-olds were so fearless, thought it was just a bumpy ride. i turn back a few minutes later and one's fast asleep. i so wish i could do that.

we arrive 25 minutes late. we wait for our bags, i call adrian to find out where everyone is. "club fur" he texts me. "last call at 11." aaron had decided we were going to take the metro instead of a shuttle or cab. $1.35 each. he forgot to print out how to get to christi's apt building after we got off the metro. so we're walking around the downtown area for 30 minutes. it's sleeting, we're lugging around suitcases and i'm starving. we finally make it to the apt where the front desk guy was not so friendly and completely clueless. after another 10 minutes figuring out where our room key was and getting the second key, we finally open the doors and crash. it's a cool little set up we have here. a hotel room but better, we even have a washer/dryer. corporate apartments rule.

i have to meet adrian, jennifer and irina for lunch at union station in a few. i best get my groove on.

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