Wednesday, June 21, 2006

a little birdie told me

doing a few domestic duties today and i come across two baby birds lying in the fresh mulch we layed monday. i'm talking baby, feathers, eyes still shut, visible veins. i call aaron over and we try and figure out where they came from. there isn't an apparent nest we can visibly see, so returning them isn't an option. aaron tells me there's really nothing we can do for them. of course i'm not going to just leave them as prey for the cats in the neighborhood so i decide to build them a make shift nest. a hanging basket, some twigs and a little mulch and presto - instant nest. aaron puts on some gloves and transports the birdies to their new home. as he's placing the second one in, i look over and see another baby. three of them. crazy. we placed our little bird abode by the window so we could monitor whether or not the mama would return. sure enough, both mama and papa returned to feed their brood. unbelievable, it worked. confident they would be fine we hung the nest in the tree. happy, happy, joy, joy. i almost feel like the dog whisperer...i'm awesome....ha!

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