Monday, October 13, 2003

we bury our sins

i'm so easily annoyed, especially with those i work with. here goes a conversation i had last friday and the outcome that resulted.

s: do you mind if i call connie back to work with us?
me: heck no! i loved working with connie.
s: do you have a number i can reach her at?
me: i have her cell.

couple hours pass. i try and call connie to warn her about the impending phone call. cell number doesn't work. so i call heather who tells me to call jack who gives me connie's home number. i talk to connie and tell her what's up and she's down with talking with sharon and may consider coming back. so she gives me the green light to give sharon her home number. i give sharon her number. sharon, in turn, pulls beth aside and speaks to her about it. then they come back. place an ad in the sjr and call around to see if any of their friends can take the job. i hate beth, cause she's a big, fat baby and can't get over her insecurities. when are they gonna learn that no one is gonna stay in that position as long as beth is around. and we'll have to train someone new every 3 months because of it. if liking beth was a criteria for working here, this place would be pretty vacant.

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