Tuesday, September 15, 2009

caution: wide load

it's so weird cause i don't realize how big i'm getting til i look at the photos. of course it all depends on what i'm wearing, what angle you see me from and how straight i stand. i actually wore this shirt pre-pregnancy and am now wondering if it makes me larger than i think it does. it does appear like i'm smuggling a bowling ball under there. i'll have to do some sequence shots when we get closer to the end so you can see the progression.

seems like i always have something wrong when i go to an appointment. today's appointment was no different. last time it was the low-lying placenta which resolved itself at my last appointment. this time i didn't pass the one hour glucose test. i was seriously on the cusp of passing. on my instruction sheet it says if you score 140 or below you pass but it also says if you score 140 or above you'll have to be screened again. of course my docs are "better safe than sorry" so i have to go back friday for the three hour screening. i don't know why i got the impression i'd only be drinking a dixie cup worth of modified juice. i think one of the many times i was down in hickory getting my blood drawn, there was a pregnant lady was getting her glucose tested. i could have sworn she was only holding a small dixie cup of orange juice. when the girl handed me the 10 oz. bottle of juice and told me i had to finish it all in five minutes, my jaw almost hit the floor. if you know me, it takes me a whole day to finish off one 12 oz. can of soda, if i even finish it. i have a feeling that i'll pass on friday, a majority of women do. plus i think the nurse took my blood a little early. i bet if she would have waited five more minutes i would have passed. i guess we'll just have to wait and see.

as far as weight goes, i'm riding a little high. i just calculated where i should be and where i'm at and right now and i'm at the higher end of the spectrum. i kinda think that may be another reason why my docs want to retest me. it probably wouldn't hurt for me to go on a low carb diet. i was told for this test i could eat a couple hours before my test but to avoid carbs and sugar...yeah, the only thing i could pretty much eat was peanut butter. i have discovered that i consume a lot of carbs. and with being pregnant i've probably doubled my usual intake. i'll have to look up a diet plan and see if i can at least modify my diet. if i fail my glucose test on friday, i really won't have a choice.

and finally, the crib and dresser arrived last thursday! yippee! aaron put the crib together and i put the dresser together so the nursery is finally starting to look like an actual room. i also was able to get an additional $75 back since both pieces went on sale before they were shipped. and i must say i'm quite impressed with the quality of both pieces considering we only paid a little over $200 each. here's a link to the crib in case you were wondering what it looked like. sweet, it just went back up in price so i got a bargain. hopefully the prints i ordered come today, so nursery pics to come in the near future.

i better go. i've been thinking about crafting again and i opened the door to my craft room and it looks like it's become a dumping ground for anything and everything. so my next task is to clean a little craft house.


The Baimas said...

STOP TALKING ABOUT GOING ON A DIET. YOU ARE PREGNANT FOR PETE'S SAKE!!! Now is the time to buy the BIG box of chocolates for Valentine's Day and birthday and xmas and etc. You will lose it - if I can anyone can! You were little to begin with. I also failed my first glucose test with Olivia, and passed the 3 hour with no problem. All of the weight gain rules for pregnancy were written by men who don't know the meaning of a pregnancy food craving!

Nichol said...

You look fabulous!

Super Blogger Girl! said...

I loved my bradley diet! check it out, it was great for me and it keeps you from getting preeclampsia. You can prolly just google bradley pregnancy diet and get a whole program!

i bet you pass too.

Inspiration said...

Susan you are looking great!!! I can't wait to see the 1/4 asian baby bun!!! :)