Monday, May 22, 2006

discuss amongst yourselves

this weekend i had a random, crazy dream. and, yes, i'm gonna write about it, at least a shortened version of it. i was carrie bradshaw and was at a fundraiser with charlotte (i don't know why i'm dreaming about sex in the city characters when i've only seen a few episodes) anyways, i'm at this fundraiser and i'm deep in conversation with charlotte. we both turn our heads when we overhear "myah, myah, myah, myah-myah" (how the adults speak in charlie brown). i, of course, am confused by the conversation but apparently charlotte is some sort of secret agent because she automatically senses something's wrong and tells me to run for cover. right about this time, the "charlie browners" produce automatic weapons and start spraying bullets into the crowd. people fall left and right. and i end up face against the wall shot. charlotte, also shot, lies behind me. one of the terrorists comes up and begins shooting her in the back of the head, over and over again.

i wake up. all this conspiracy talk has got my mind hijacked! matt's influence

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