Tuesday, March 21, 2006


next wednesday i will officially be in my thirties.

you're 30 now, won't you be 31?

yes, yes, technically i'll be 31 but by my rationale you're not "in" your 30s til you've hit 31. maybe i should reconsider and push it back to 32. why stop there...let's just skip it all and hit up the 40s. completely irrational now. i'll be 31 next wednesday, happy birthday to me. there.

here's a little peep on a project i just finished:

turned out awesome. i'll have to get a pic of the end product and tell you how i talked aaron into investing in a laptop because of it. ha. i'm getting all giddy thinking about it. me and my toys. the new macbook is making me drool. i think we're putting off the wedding to pay for this. i've got my priorities.

speaking of weddings, someone want to plan mine? we've been pushing it off for 2 months now, i think we were a little disillusioned when we found out the destination wedding was going to be a lot more than we expected. at least at an all-inclusive resort. seriously if you're gonna post your rates online and give me airlines to choose from on the same page, then write in big, bold letters that the rates do not include the airfare. so now we're back to square one and neither one of us really wants to tackle it again. ugh! we could, technically pull it off, but that would mean a lot less money for the reception back home. maybe a burger and tots reception wouldn't be too hard for people to swallow, ha! aaron has his inservice test in early april, so we'll try to get back on board afterwards. it'll still be 8 months away. thank goodness.

last weekend we went to a live/silent auction with dr. buzzel and buesher for the montessori schoolhouse. of course we didn't win or even bid on anything auctioned live. we're way too poor, although we almost scored a brand new rascal for $200 (christy and aaron were gonna split the cost) but lost out at the last minute. it was funny, it was probably one of the most expensive things they were auctioning and it went fairly cheap, well below it's worth. aaron was going to bid on 4 cardinal box seats, but that went out the window when the bidding started at $300. we were way out of our league. dr. buzzel did end up winning them and gave 2 to christy and 2 to aaron as a graduation gift. awesome! so i guess we did win in the end. actually we did end up winning a few things in the silent auction: a little vase, a basket full of dental stuff (i scored with this one), a baby bjorn potty with a bouquet of stuff for a new baby (baby shower gift for jason and autumn) and aaron won a 5 night stay at a condo in florida (i think we're gonna have to sell this one, no vacation time for me). all in all, we had a good time.

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