Thursday, March 09, 2006

doctor will

"wouldn't it be hilarous if we put a picture of will in the slide presentation at your graduation party?" i asked.

"didn't i tell you who left a message on our phone today?"


"christy didn't check the messages today and there was one from will."

"what!?! no way!"

"he asked how we were doing since we got back from the academy and kept saying 'this is doctor will kirby trying to reach doctor christy dewitt, she can reach me at..."

unbelievable. first of all, i can't believe we saw him again. and second, i can't believe he made the effort and got her work number. she told me she didn't give him her cell this time around cause he kept calling her last year! crazy! i think i wrote about him about this time last year. the guy who won big brother 2, the cocky d.o. who decided to do derm. since then he's been on another reality show, battle of the network reality stars, and i think i've seen him doing true hollywood story or something along those lines. it's so weird cause most doctors haven't a clue about his claim to fame. it's a good thing my reality show obsession keeps them updated and clued in. so my idea of including his pic isn't so far-fetched! i found a sweet one!

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