Tuesday, September 16, 2003

bear in a big blue house

we had the worst waiter ever last night. first of all he wasn't very friendly, and we're probably the friendliest people he'll ever encounter. second of all, he spilled my lemonade (the whole glass) all over me, i'm talking butt drenching wet. third of all, my order was all screwed up, my pasta was way overcooked and drenched in alfredo sauce (which i didn't order) i should have sent it back...but i'm so paranoid someone will spit or hauck something in my food for being difficult. i just sucked it up. picked at my meal, ate about 1/16th of it. at least i got a free dessert. i was so ready to get out of there. at least my butt was halfway dry by the time we left. i am feeling the stomach grumbling now...time for some real food.

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