Thursday, September 25, 2003

hoosier love

i'm completely bored. last night i crashed early cause i felt like poop and tonight i'm surfing lj, reading random posts of people i don't even know while trying to watch "hey ya" online. 56k modems suck for both. i don't even know why the m in mtv stands for music cause about 99% of what's on there has nothing to do with it. i watched a whole hour of direct effect to no avail. i need another fix of that video. i might have to ask joe to download it for me so i can overplay it and drive it into the ground for those around me. there's just something about the graphics and the song that really shake my tailfeather. i'm such a dork!

i think i'm going to go to that saves the day show, still haven't asked carrie. she emailed me today so i'll ask her about it tomorrow. aaron said something about going to see phantom planet in november, not sure how i feel about that one.

i should probably send a quick hello to candace. haven't talked to her in a long time. last time i was in town, i found out from sherry she was doing an apprenticeship with darren king. this was all new news to everyone involved. i wonder if dustin knows yet. i'm sure he does, news travels fast in small towns. i can't really believe it, but in a way i can. one more surprising thing to learn about her!

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