Friday, October 13, 2006


headed down to c'dale for a long overdue visit. last time we were down was may, it's been that long. went out both nights. saturday night we went over to nate's where katie made me martinis. i continued drinking them after we hit the bars. long story short, i got pretty tore up. luckily, not sick. i think i'll have to stick to malt beverages from now on.

aaron told his pops he accepted an offer from boone. i don't know what i was expecting, but he was clearly upset. honestly, i don't know how it could have been much of a surprise. both of us have clearly expressed we don't want to move back to southern illinois. i guess the finality of it all caught him off-guard. so yeah, i'm gonna be a high-country girl this time next year.

last week i went to a boutique in springfield to buy bridesmaids gifts. of course, i wanted to buy everything. i got some cute gifts for the girls. i did come home and search the pages of ebay for a cheaper version of everything. i found a betsey johnson handbag, it arrived today. oh, the smell of real leather. i'm finally gonna retire my studded satchel. it's seen better days.

i have also been on a quest to find a halloween costume. i was gonna try and be some type of bride. i.e. dead bride, redneck bride. but i haven't had too much luck finding a wedding gown or even a white dress. it's so funny, cause my definition of cheesy/gawdy is someone elses idea of beautiful. i refuse to pay $80 for a dress from the thrift store. on ebay i kept getting outbid at the last second. i couldn't believe how in demand these dresses are. i ended up buying a costume online, it's crunch time and i needed something fast. how easy the internet has become my saviour.

right now, i'm in the process of burning our music library. adrian's on a quest to make an uber library. so far, i've burned one drawer full of cds. 1036 songs, 2 days of music. 3 more drawers to go. i gave him the huge binder of music to burn in his spare time. he sent me a list of everything he has so far, 7323 songs. we have entirely too much time on our hands!

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