Monday, October 02, 2006

carpet nightmare

thursday and friday i literally spent both days trapped in the house. we decided to go ahead with the new carpet install. i was told they would begin at 9am and complete the two front rooms and the hallway. 11a rolls around and no one shows or calls. i phone to find out what the hold up is and they tell me they're loading up the truck as we speak. cool. 11:30a one of the installer calls and asks where our house is located. ok. 12:48p they show up. not the savoriest of characters. i overheard one conversation, "did you hear about that guy from that trailer park that assaulted someone? he got 4 years, with our records we'd get 12." what the hell. aaron calls and asks if i'm gonna stay home the whole time. hell yes. apparently they didn't bring all the carpet they needed so they only got two rooms done. we ask when they'll get there tomorrow. they tell us nine, we're the first house on the list.

friday morning rolls around, 9a comes and goes. 10:30a aaron calls and starts freaking out. "call them now, they have to be done by 5p so we can get on the road to st. louis." i hang up the phone and it immediately rings. "this is the installer, we're gonna pick up the carpet, pick up some tools and we'll be on our way." okay. 1p and two guys show up. i tell them they have to get done by 5p and they said they would. 3:30p and two more guys show up. apparently they they had to call in the reserves. now they're scrambling to get things done. luckily they got everything done and it looks decent. i did discover i can watch tv on the internet. i caught up on all the shows i had missed the following week. (ugly betty, csi, grey's anatomy) this may not be a good thing.

we made it to the lou in time to meet caraway and jeff to catch a good game. cards actually won! we went out for a few drinks afterwards and got home at 2:30a. long day.

saturday we spent most of the time moving furniture and running errands. we've decided to take the t.v. out of the bedroom. we'll see how long this lasts. we met up with a large group to celebrate katie, aaron and rocki's birthday at pao. sushi galore! headed over to sach and tait's afterwards for a little pre-partying. then headed out to the smoke-free bars. ahhhh! another late night.

two back-to-back softball games today. one win and one lose. weekend turned out pretty good considering how it started.

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