Thursday, August 31, 2006

a stitch or four

i cut my finger today with a pair of gardening shears. yes, gardening shears. a pair that i forgot on the trunk of aaron's car along with a lock and a set of keys. i had to pick him up from work and when i got out of the car, there was the lock still sitting apparently making the entire drive across springfield. the keys and gardening shears, not so lucky. on my way back home, i saw them in the middle of the road, right before turning onto our street. i backtracked, picked up the keys and shears which had been run over a few times. the keychain demolished, the shears damaged as well.

i decide to see if they were still usable by pruning a plant out front. got a little snip-happy and sliced through my index finger. ow. i started dripping blood, aaron pulled in right about this time took a look and said i might need stitches. i applied pressure, put a bandaid on and decided to wait it out. the bleeding stopped, wasn't oozing anymore so i thought it would be okay. aaron wanted to take another look at it to see how deep it actually was. pulled the bandaid off, started bleeding again. trip to clinic, four stitches, couple of tylenol and i'm doing better. the numbing meds have worn off, have a slight throbbing sensation but i think i'll live.

first set of stiches ever, at least that i can recall, my parents might say otherwise. stitch-free till 31.

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