Tuesday, August 08, 2006

week in review.

last wednesday we watched the cardinals lose, in person, to the phillies. joe and kate shared two tickets with us. great seats. hot as hell. 98 degrees at game time. 94 degrees when we left. kate challenged me to a jalepeno-eating contest. she won, i suffered the rest of the night. literally.

thursday night: girls night out. went out with some of the nurses aaron works with along with jamie, christie and satch. frozen lemonades and popcorn, yum. got home by 10:30 and worked on a freelance project til 4:30 a.m. woke up at 7 to finish by 9. got it done and over with to keep my weekend open.

friday: slept til noon, had lunch with jamie and jennaya, hung out with jamie the rest of the afternoon. went out for appetizers and saw the ballad of ricky bobby. had to wait in line for an hour. and i think we were the oldest people there. funny movie. "i'm a winner, i wake up in the morning and i piss excellence." one liners galore.

saturday night: party at syam's. met a surgery resident who was a military brat. crazy, i've rarely met one out and about. she's 5 years older than me and went to university of maryland in munich a year before i went. of course it had moved to augsburg by then, but it was crazy we went to the same undergrad. hit the bars afterwards. for some reason everyone likes to go to floyds. it's fine but i'd rather go somewhere else, perhaps with a beer garden. i can't wait til the no smoking law becomes effective. aaron said before we left he didn't want to go to catch. where did we end up? catch. i can understand why he hates it. the people there are jerks. i felt like everyone was intentionally bumping into us. we met up with nick and brooke and didn't get home til 3. regular party animals.

aaron takes his derm boards sunday and monday. then i fly out next wednesday to maryland. can't wait. i get back the following wednesday, hop in a car and drive out to north carolina for another interview and aaron's grandpa's memorial. come back. have a week of rest and then we head out to salem, oregon for another interview. get back saturday and fly out the next week to coos bay, oregon. insane. we should know afterwards where we'll end up. but right now we're leaning to north carolina. the set up is almost too sweet to pass up. busy, busy, busy.

last day of work. aug. 16. yes.

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