Saturday, August 12, 2006

real estate game

i've spent the last two days looking up houses in boone, nc and surrounding areas. we haven't officially decided to move there but i'd say our chances are quite high. i just can't believe how expensive houses are. for what we paid for our 3 bedroom, 1700 sq.ft. ranch house here in springfield we can get a glorified trailer in boone. now we have to decide a) do we want an inexpensive house that we'll have to remodel? or b) do we bite the bullet and pay more for move-in ready house? what's sad is most of the expensive houses i've looked out have shitty interiors. i almost feel like screaming, "if i'm gonna pay $800,000 for your house at least have a decent kitchen and put away the deer carcasses. people, get a clue and watch a few home improvement shows." i've been so underwhelmed.

here's my plan and why i've been looking at houses. of course, things may change, you never know what life has in store. according to my calculations, by the time we move, i should be close to 8 months pregnant. yeah, i'm hitting it my wedding night! aaron wishes i'd reconsider, but i'm getting old. and i need to get this baby factory open for business!

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