Tuesday, August 01, 2006

happiness via particle matter

a couple of months ago i purchased the complete first season of pee-wee's playhouse on dvd. a couple of weeks ago they started airing it on the cartoon network. 11e/10c. a little mental esp with the execs at the network. sure seems like it.

talk radio is now on nick@night. i don't think i'll ever leave the confines of my house. i'm slowly getting sucked into reality television. or should i say "not-so-reality" tv. current must sees: project runway, hells kitchen & big brother 7. speaking of big brother 7, will's back. remember the doctor will i wrote about a few months ago. the one who's a derm d.o. in florida. he's back on the tube. nickname: dr. evil everyone lovingly calls him. more like big prick, but he knows how to play the game. i won't be surprised if he wins this season too.

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