Saturday, August 12, 2006

california roll

i found a blog of a girl i went to high school with. i didn't know her, only that she dated a fellow classmate and we were in a few AP classes together. surprising since our school was so small. i spent most of last night reading what was accessible. holy crap, this girl is/was nothing like i remembered her in high school. i felt like i was reading a bad romance novel, trying to put pieces together i didn't have access to. she's pretty much an open book and i was amazed at how freely she was sharing such personal information. i'm in a great quandry...should i befriend her so she knows i've been reading or should i continue to read anonymously?

aaron left today for chicago. gonna get his board on! i bust out the korean/asian cooking when he's away. gonna make some california rolls tonight, yum!

nate and katie will be here tonight. can't remember why they said they were coming. i've rested up for the occassion. i slept til noon and then proceeded to take a 2 hour nap. well rested! you bet!

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