Tuesday, August 08, 2006

flavor of love

when i can't sleep i cruise the tube. last night i found myself watching flavor of love 2 i got sucked in, fast. within the first 10 minutes there was a brawl over the bed situation. knock down, drag out, weave pulling, i mean they were going crazy at it. when all was said and done one got booted, but not before she offered up some "chaps," that's chapstick. bascially it's the normal reality show, girls vying for flavor flav's money, i mean love. let me skip to the whole reason for this post. at the end, when flav gives the girls there oversized clocks to signify they get to continue on, there's a little wine toasting and ba-bam. one of the girls shoots to the floor and then runs up the stairs. everyone looks around and apparently it starts to smell. they start up the stairs and they run across some poop on the stairs. the girl had pooped her panties/thong i'm sure.

flav was all cool about it. poor girl. i did find it funny but i could sympathize at the same time. if you have lactose intolence, you know what i mean. the pain of an irritable bowel. almost unbearable. hyperdermics stabbing you in the gut over and over. sometimes shit happens. ha ha!

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