Thursday, September 14, 2006


lori's coming down this weekend to have a make-shift baby shower, dinner and gifts. unfortunately, i'm going to miss it cause we're flying out to oregon again. i'm already not looking forward to this trip. i wonder if it's going to effect how i fly tomorrow.

i did have fun looking at all the outfits when searching for a gift. i've been putting the pressure on old awes. trying to convince him we can be a few months preggers when we get hitched. for some reason he's steadfast against it and always has a reasonable excuse why we shouldn't. first, we're not having a child out of wedlock. 2. you'll be 8 months when we move. finally, do you want to have morning sickness on your honeymoon? of course he's rational about the whole situation. but don't be surprised if we come back from jamaica with baby on board!

i've gotten a few freelance jobs in all the commotion. i really wanted to not worry about working while doing all this interviewing. but i can't really pass up these opportunities. it feels weird to not have any money coming in. aaron and i agreed that i could quit because his income this year would be equivilent to both our incomes the past 4 years. we were living comfortably, so we really didn't think it would be that big of a deal. i don't think he realized that he would have to actually give me money in order to make this work. i still have car payments, braces payments, student loans that still need to paid. i had paid all our home expenses cable, phone, electric, gas, cell phones. he had a rude awakening when he became the primary bread-winner.

so i have been done with the illinois times for almost a month now. i think i worked 45 minutes the last week i said i would work. basically i called in every morning, asked if they needed me. they seemed to have everything under control. they call me occasionally, but for the most part i'm done. big ups to me for finally getting out of there.

nick called me and wants me to work for him later this month. one stipulation: i can't do a better job than him. ha! silly boy.

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