Tuesday, September 19, 2006

the devil

on our trip out west, i bought and read the devil wears prada. partially to help with flying anxiety and to occupy the massive layovers we had. although this trip was by far the worst flying experience i've ever encountered. i don't know how many times my stomach dropped and my heart raced. perhaps a sign/omen that coos bay wasn't for us. they'll send aaron an offer in a few days but our minds are pretty much made up. not that there wasn't a lack of effort, but we both couldn't picture ourselves settling there. settling? can't believe i just typed that.

for some reason about 95% of the books available at the airport have to deal with government, law, espionage or gawdy romance. so i opted to read something a little more fun and upbeat, so prada it is. i haven't seen the movie, but i might after reading the book. i always like to compare books i've read with the theatrical versions. i like to see how much of the story they leave out because of time constraints.

i'm not sure if it's based on fact or if it's entirely ficticious, but if it holds any shread of truth my opinion of the rich and famous is now tainted beyond belief. i've seen too many "how celebrities spend their money" shows that there's no help in mending my thoughts. i did find myself saying "ahn-dre-ah," dragging it out as much as possible every time i read it. funny how that works. it's a good read. i told aaron he should read it...his response...yeah right, it's all about fashion, who cares. it's about 25 percent about fashion (i knew about 50 percent of the designers mentioned which means he'd know none!) the rest is about interpersonal relationships. ha, total chick flick/book, i suppose.

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