Tuesday, April 25, 2006

beef ramen

not a good thing, to be home alone with nothing better to do than surf the net. came home today and found another pair of my sunglasses obliterated by miss marley. i have no idea where she found them, i'm almost positive she pulled them off the kitchen table. devil dog. where can i find another cheap pair that are fairly fashionable? ebay, of course. found a quick ending auction and won a pair of boho, fashionista pair. we'll see if i actually wear them.

consequently, i've been on the internet for the past 3 hours. haven't budged from this spot just yet. why beef ramen? my hands smell like the stuff and i keep telling myself to go wash them, but a good song starts playing, so i'm in a vicious cycle. surf, smell, song. ahhhh.

aaron went to the cardinals/pirates game tonight with the caraways. only had one spare ticket. which is fine. i like having a little time alone. had 2 tickets to blast! and considered goin solo. changed my mind after getting home late from work and tried to give the tickets away an hour before showtime. no takers!

ok, i'm going to wash my hands now and get a bite to eat. maybe you'll get to see my recent purchases in a few days!

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