Tuesday, April 18, 2006

quite possibly the worst. . .

wasted 8 bucks on quite possibly the worst movie EVER! easter sunday we decided to catch scary movie 4. it was about the only movie danny hadn't seen. i guess he's been a bit of movie mogul down in carbondale. we get there for a fairly early show, 7:40pm. mistake number one. of course there's a ton of teeny-boppers who think they're comedians and don't mind using the confines of a theater to show off their latest acts. i absolutely hate tweeners and when they're in the group setting it's almost unbearable. let's sit on laps, yap it up on cell phones and holler out during the previews. (damn, i'm a bitter, old lady)

the movie finally starts and of course it's riddled with sexual inuendos, which i expected. but not a single one was the least bit funny. i think i may have cracked a smile, maybe twice the whole time. the thought did cross my mind, maybe i'm too old for this. but no one else was laughing as much as one would think. another problem i had was that it referenced movies i hadn't seen. so if there was a joke, it was totally lost on me. i did a quick seach on rottentomatoes.com and imdb.com and i can't even understand why it has any good reviews. maybe my taste in film has become a bit more refined. ha. right, this movie sucked. it was barely an hour long, it wasn't remotely funny and it was definetely not worthy of a theater viewing.

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