Tuesday, April 04, 2006

a corky schizo

last weekend aaron and i decide to catch a bite at corky's bbq. we get there and there's a 20-30 minute wait to be seated, so we decide to sit at the bar and forgo the wait. we're sitting at the opposite end of a family of five. a few chairs between us. no one is smoking, this wasn't a bad decision after all. of course i spoke too soon.

in walks this guy and orders a double shot of jim beam, no ice. ok. then proceeds to light up one cigarette after another. damn. he orders 20 wings and a plate of fried dill pickles. this is all before we even get our drink order in. he pulls out his cell and starts talking obnoxiously loud while we're placing our order. i can hear his whole conversation about setting fires, skinning animals and getting layed (not so nicely said) over the noise of the restaurant. great he's psycho.

this is where i decide not to make any eye contact whatsoever and try to keep my eyes fixated on the tv screen above me. aaron is doing the same. the guy then gets up and asks the waitress where the garbage can is cause he wants to trash his coaster...apparently not too fond of it's message, "quit smoking today. call 1-800..." eyebrows go up. ok.

the guy then starts talking to aaron and tells him how he was just in california and he was not happy about the non-smoking laws out there. aaron then asks "what do the bars do when you light up? do they ask you to leave?" the guy starts going on about how he got into a bunch of fights. ok and how he's been kicked out of 15 bars in springfield and he's gonna make corky's 16. great.

about this time is when i think, maybe we should get a seat. aaron's one step ahead and tells the waitress we'd like our order to go. the guy turns to the man on his other side and says something, we can't hear, but immediately says "i shouldn't have said that, i'm schizophrenic." no kidding. he gets up, puts a $10 on the bar and leaves. the food he's ordered hasn't come and aaron and i look at each other in disbelief. what the hell just happened here. that was our brush with the corky schizo.

this was two weekends ago. this weekend i was very anti-social. sorry guys. aaron's been on a non-stop studying kick and i've been on a non-stop sewing kick. i re-covered the papasan chair kate gave me a couple years ago. looks awesome. and i made my sewing desk in the closet of aaron's study. been meaning to do this for a long time and i'm sure aaron's happy that all my sewing stuff is neatly confined to one area and not spralled all over the kitchen. i'll have to post new pics of my new projects soon.

in other news, nick is officially gone. yes, i'm sad. it's so weird that he's no longer there. we've got two new guys. matt and joel. their both eager to work...which is a good thing, that way i can easily phase myself out of there. i told sharon that i wanted to "phase" myself out by june. 3 months notice, it's what she asked for. she's trying to get me to stay part-time afterward, but i'm just not feeling the vibe anymore.

i did order my macbook. it should be here in a few days! yipeee!

we'll be in carbondale this weekend and st. louis the next. let me know what's up, kiddies!

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