Saturday, April 15, 2006

easter tacos

nate and katie brought danny up to springfield this weekend so he wouldn't spend the holiday alone. mark and jane decided to head to egypt for two weeks and left him to fend for himself. no worries. tomorrow we're gonna have a taco feast, no easter ham in this house. since danny is very particular with what he eats, usually things that involve the word pop. (i.e. soda, tart, sicle) we decided to have mexican. it was either this or chicken nuggets, which he had tonight at dinner. we'll top off the evening with a little family outing, involving sequel number 4 to scary movie. i haven't seen 2 or 3, apparently it doesn't matter. i was trying to convince the boys to see failure to launch which becky told me was hilarous, but was quickly out-voted. damn westphal boys, why'd there have to be so many of them. i'll never get to see any movie i want.

today, first game at new busch, and it was fantastic. cards win 9-3. i've got pictures to post. i don't know why, but baseball is about the only spectator sport i can watch...that and competitive cheerleading and tennis. ha. nba finals, superbowl...absolutely no interest. throw in some pom-poms and i'm hooked. dana, dana, dana...i'm gonna have to go digging for some cheesy cheerleading photos. next task.

came home from the game to a tie-dyed carpet. purple and baby blue. marley dragged a full container of cranberry juice out of the cupboard and somehow deposited it sporadically all over our carpet. the funny thing about it, on the way down to the game i was trying to convince aaron we needed new carpet sooner than later. he thinks we can wait til we're gonna sell the house. marley must have been feeling my carpet argument, because no sooner did we discuss it, nate called and reported the news. that's my girl! :)

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