Thursday, April 27, 2006

june 16

my tenure at IT will come to an end. i've given an official cease and desist date. only thing now, i've got to decide if i want to work on a part-time basis. i'm leaning more towards the no, because i know i'll be stuck with the shittier parts of the job. maybe if i come up with my own terms, my own hours, i will consider it. i've got a few things lined up. nothing official or structured. i need to get my own freelance business underway, i've been putting it off for entirely too long.

used indesign for the first time, don't know why i've been been putting it off for so long. quark and indesign are almost interchangable. i don't understand how some people can work with one and not the other. i'm not loading quark on my laptop, switching over to mac and adobe completely. aaron's been using the pc. i can't seem to dismantle the thing. it's been sitting there so long, it'd be weird to walk in and the space be empty. it's also convenient to have two computers. aaron has his and i have mine. tony said he can get me creative suite 2. i am pretty happy with what i have now, but it would be nice to have all the latest software. this baby is gonna be jam-packed.

i've gone on a spending spree. cleaned out my closet and made room for a ton of new things. i gave two huge bags full of clothes/shoes to leeanne to give to her 13 year-old daughter, she told me she ended up giving a majority of them to skylar, her 9 year-old. ego boost, i've got the body of a 9 year-old.

i wore one of the skirts i made today. nobody asked me if it was hand-made, so i'd say it was a success. i've got to hem and put a zipper in skirt 2. maybe a project for the weekend. pics to come.

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