Wednesday, April 12, 2006

tick you

i'm all for nature and the outdoors, but freaking bugs, namely ticks, irk the hell out of me. walked the dogs down south this past weekend and sure enough found 3 of the bloodsuckers on me. not sure if they're the cause of my extensive bugbite collection. but i'm sure it's a safe bet they are. what i don't understand is why both my dogs came out unticked. they're crawling through brush, dodging bushes, running through the thickets and i'm the one covered with them. every little itch i get, i immediately think it's one both aaron and i missed. yes i had him do the primate thing and check me completely over. i sat all day at work monday and scrutinized every little bump on my head. still not 100 percent sure if i got them all. i don't think i'll ever be satisfied til i soak in a tub full of gasoline. funny how these things begin to snowball and you realize how obsessive-compulsive you can be about certain things. my latest worry...there's a tick on me too small to be observed by the naked eye.

finished hemming a skirt tonight. probably took me just as long to make it. why is it so tedious? i think hemming and installing zippers are two of my least favorite sewing things to do. as of now at least. i'm sure that'll change when i try harder projects. katie wants me to make her a sundress. so that may be my next project. i have a feeling it's going to be extremely difficult. maybe i can convince her she needs a smock instead.

i'm actually lying in bed typing this. how convenient. free wireless rocks. the signal in here is even better. i think we're gonna just do away with our cable modem. haven't used it at all. that reminds me of a photo i took yesterday that i need to post.

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