Tuesday, April 11, 2006

projectile vomiting

amazingly enough, i witnessed two people vomiting inches away from me this past weekend. and i'm proud to say, i was not the one doing any hurling. i won't mention any names, aw and st. ha, one's only two but can produce more then her fair share of upchuck. how many ways can i refer to puke in this paragraph, i wonder. i got a car wash out of it, so that was a bonus in a crazy sort of way.

speaking of projectile vomiting. joel, the new guy, is gone. last friday, he came to work, proceeded to insult me and basically told sharon to take the job and shove it.

details. i planned on heading over to nick's new place of business later that afternoon, so matt and i decided to clean out nick's old desk and take him any pertinent belongings. we found a huge stack of resumes, and were basically thumbing through them all and making fun of about 90f them. if you saw them, you would understand. matt mentioned something about nick only interviewing hot chicks and joel proceeded to say something that i didn't hear. which matt quickly said, "that's totally an inappropriate thing to say when you want to get a job here." and i heard joel say, "she didn't hear me anyways." damn it, what the hell did he say.

diane shows up to bring me some software, and i'm standing outside with her chatting. relaying what just happened, telling her i think joel just insulted me, but i don't know exactly what he said. out strolls joel. "leaving already?"

yeah i've got stuff to do. okay.

so i go back inside and ask matt where joel was going.

"he left?"

yeah, he said he had to work on his house or something.

back strolls becky and informs us that joel walked into sharon's office and left immediately afterwards. matt heads to sharon's office, gets the scoop and fills us in. joel went in, told sharon he wanted to work full time, she told him it wasn't going to happen immediately, he then proceeded to tell her, thanks, but no thanks. and then left. okay. then matt tells me what joel said. basically he said if nick was interviewing hot chicks he must not have applied that to me. what a tool.

i wanna quit my job, but i'll be damned if i let someone like that weasel his way in. i was the only one pulling for him too. everyone complained about how shitty he was. i am so ready to get out of there, that i was overlooking the flaws. i guess he pushed some of the wrong buttons with sharon. he only worked one day and asked sharon when he could do the cover. i heard him say it too, but i didn't think anything of it, but i guess sharon thought it was a bit too cocky. what a good word for him. matt and i sat and pondered all the signs of asshole joel exuded. it's funny the things you overlook when you want something to work out. and i so wanted this.

apparently nobody wants my job. too much work for too little pay. no surprise here. i need to get out of there, fast. but incompetent candidates are not making it easy. i'm too nice and can't leave roland hanging.

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