Thursday, December 07, 2006

setting the world on fire....

...or just myself

last week the power went out courtesy of the great snowstorm of 2006. went out thursday evening or i should say early friday morning. just about everything was closed, including aaron's clinic friday. we headed over to the langei's. they still had power. the stealeys met us there. a little "get warm, stay warm" party of sorts. no power all day friday. get home around 4 p.m. and it's already 57 degrees in the house. call up jamie and ask if we can crash at her pad for the night. no problem. next morning, head home, still now power. 45 degrees now. we turn on the gas fireplace and i proceed to hang out directly in front of it. a little while later i reach back and feel the melted nylon/polyester blend. "oh, he's not going to be happy." apparently i was sitting too close and proceeded to melt the sleeping bag and the ski jacket i had on. looks like a shark took a bite out of both. no persons were harmed during the incident. don't you worry.

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