Monday, July 17, 2006


the past couple of weeks i've been listing items from my grandma's on ebay. first item i listed sold for $686. the whole family watched the auction down to the last second. it literally shot up $100 with 5 seconds to go. we were all amazed and excited. i don't think anything else will fetch as much. what sold? a tin switchboard operator toy. a freaking toy!

in all my excitement with ebay, i let my guard down. today, i have a james bond model kit listed and i got an email asking me if i'd ship to new jersey. hello?? i hit respond, type in my username and password and type: yes, i ship to all 50 states. i'm thinking, "what a moron." it clearly says i ship throughout the united states in the listing. ding! damn it, i quickly backtrack and sure enough i got burned by a phisher. i start freaking out. why? because i'm the moron that uses the same password for everything involving cyberspace. i change my password for ebay, hotmail and attempt to change my paypal account. of course paypal is much more difficult than anticipated and i have to call and sit on the phone for an hour to get this done. i think i'm ok now. hopefully i can remember all my new passwords. so far, so good.

in other news: can we have a moment of silence for aaron spelling.

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