Wednesday, July 19, 2006

when you open this valentine...

i've been going through my senior slam book and it's amazing all the crap i saved from high school. yes, a majority of it is crap. for some odd reason, i have taco bell burrito wrapper dana sent me in there. i think it was to remind me of all the things we didn't have living in germany. i also saved receipts where i wrote the name of the movie on the back: candyman, love potion ..9, zebraman. what the hell. it's so funny looking back on the things i thought were important at the time. and you know what, i'm not going to throw any of it away.

when you open this valentine, think of me...
...that way, we'll be thinking about each other!

Happy Valentine's Day Susan,
I hope you have real cool day.
a. What are you doing tonight?
b. Do you want to do something?
Anyways...I"m glad your finally back from Berlin.
I really have missed you while you were there.
I think of you all the time.
Well I'll talk to you more later.
Love Erik

silly boys.

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