Friday, March 05, 2004


and i wonder why i hate this job. pete was terminated today. i can't say fired, terminated just seems a little less harsh. been here for eight years and now he's just gone. sometimes i wonder how some people can live their lives as cruel, insensitive beings. i wonder how other people can tolerate or stand them on a daily basis. i wonder why i've put up with it this long. i've never been one to stick around negative people when i don't have to. it's just a f*cking job. it's time to move on.

since i've been here, people who have left or were fired*

carolyn, barbara, laurel, megan, heather, jennifer, jeff, candice, judy, cindy, linda, melissa, brad, tim, angela, dominick, janeen, rauchaun, tracy, patrick, jack, allison etc... i'm sure i'm forgetting a few

i've been here 3 years...that's pathetic.

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