Friday, April 27, 2007

blood, sweat & beer

for some reason i've been sweating a ton during step class. i mean hair plastered to forehead, shirt drenched, need to hydrate sweat. usually i run home and shower before doing anything else. not today. ran over to brian and jennifer's to see baby jack. dropped off some contracts at the real estate lawyer. got a coffee drink. stopped off at the bank to cash carrie's check (yeah, it took me this long). ran over to lowes to get specs on carpet. i'm finally home. luckily i wore a sweatshirt to trap the stench. but i just looked in the mirror and can't believe i was running around town looking like this. pretty soon i'll be wearing mom jeans and rocking the mullet.

we may go camping tomorrow night, depending on when jennaya has baby sam. jamie's gonna be there for the actual birth. don't think i'll volunteer for that one. i'll visit when everything is clean and tidy, no guts, blood and mucous. is it appropriate to bring someone a 6 pack of beer after giving birth? maybe i should start rocking that mullet now!

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