Thursday, February 07, 2008

he doth protest

When we went out of town this past weekend we had a girl, gracie, watch the dogs. She offered to stay at the house a few nights too, which I was really happy about. I had talked to aaron about boarding them, just because both dogs have been having "accidents" when we were away. But since gracie was going to stay the night, I'd decided against.

I did expect there to be pee in a few places when we returned, and there was. Bosco seems to really regress when we leave even with someone around. I've found a few times where, if we let marley sleep in the bed, he gets out, trots downstairs and pees to express his protest. Anyways, we cleaned up the messes and for some reason I thought there might be more than what the eye was seeing.

I asked aaron if he could bring home the uv light they use to spot skin cancers so I could double-check. Yep, big mistake. He brought the light home, I waited til dark and then set out looking for urine. Turned on the light in the front room and to my surprise the floor lit up like a crime scene. The little turd, i mean urinator, had been using the front room as his personal toilet! Pretty much had lifted his leg to every piece of furniture in there.

We hardly use the room, and the carpet is green so I never noticed anything before. I promptly went out and got a steam cleaner and a blacklight of my own. (Funny how we're using a blacklight to light up pee rather than posters.) I cleaned the mess, deodorized and vacuumed. Luckily, our carpet is stain-resistant so it all came up easily. I made sure there wasn't any other "accidents" in the house. Found a few upstairs, mainly where my brother stayed with his little dog. Cleaned those and now hopefully with everything gone it'll deter him from doing it anymore.

Now I've added to my ocd obsession. I'll be prowling the house nightly with blacklight in hand looking for messes! Not only does the blacklight pick up urine, it also picks up dust and dirt among other things which the naked eye doesn't detect. Fun for me!

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Super Blogger Girl! said...

eww. Rick James peed on the floor once in the new house, he's our friendly neighborhood outside cat now.