Monday, August 18, 2008

bumps in fun

saturday we headed up to tazwell, virginia to visit with jill and jerome's family. it wasn't too bad a drive, well, except for the extreme windiness of the last half hour of the two hour trip. i wasn't driving so it didn't really effect me. thank goodness.

i got to ride on the back of jill's harley for the first time. i was a little nervous but that soon subsided once we hit the road. i only rode for half an hour. jill didn't think i'd like riding all the switchbacks on the rest of the trip and she was probably right. we pulled off to get gas and i hopped in the car with aaron for the remainder of the trip. we had a little caravan going. jill and todd w/michelle on their harleys, jerome in his car with jigsaw and aaron and i in our car with bosco and marley.

we first stopped at jill's parents farm. there were four dogs running around so i let bosco and marley roam free. big mistake. marley decided to be a big dog and started barking at hannah (a german shepard puppy) through a screen door. hannah then jumped through the screen and pretty much attacked marley. jill was able to pull hannah off and i grabbed marley and took her to the car. looked her over and saw she had a gash above her tail and a few puncture wounds on her legs. thank goodness that was all. she was definitely shaken up. that cut our trip short at jill's parents. we decided to go ahead and head over to jerome's grandma's cabin, where we were staying for the evening. marley was acting a little gimpy so we wanted her to rest and we needed to get her some meds to prevent any further damage. poor pooch.

we settled into the old, rustic cabin set on jerome's grandma's property. i wish i would have taken photos of the interior. just about any animal you could think of was stuffed and mounted. seriously creepy. there were even cobwebs to add to the ambiance. luckily it was only in the main living area and not in any of the bedrooms. i don't think i could have slept if i knew there was a squirrel or possum staring down on me with their beady little eyes. we got the pups set up and headed over to cuz's for dinner. it's a local hotspot in tazwell. it had the weirdest assortment of food. it was a combination of chinese and barbeque. i saw an an article on the wall that pretty much summed it up, "oriental redneck." it was good, just odd. afterwards, we headed to the cabin. we were able to catch the fireworks from the county fair on our drive back. once at the cabin we had a few drinks, watched some olympics and pretty much turned in.

sunday we headed back over to jill's parents farm. we decided to leave the dogs at the cabin, didn't want to be nursing two dogs in two days. we closed the dogs in our room and opened up the back door so they had access to the deck. most of the pics are from sunday. so you can pretty much see how we spent the day. we returned to pick up the dogs on our way out. we opened the cabin door and bosco was right there. we can't figure out how he got out of the room. jerome's grandma tells us she saw him running around the orchard and heard marley barking away at him from the second story deck. she thought we had come home and let him out. when she didn't see the car, she decided to round him up just in case. apparently bosco had jumped or fallen or something from the deck. luckily he wasn't injured. he must have nine lives. so that's pretty much our weekend in a nutshell. we all had a good time and just had a few bumps in the fun. at least the dogs did. i wouldn't be surprised if we headed back again.


Super Blogger Girl! said...

Oh no poor Marley! you need to get her some gourmet doggie biscuits or something, :(

acaraway said...

nothing says a good time like banjos, liquor and stuffed critters... the pictures of the area are gorgeous, though. glad your doggies are okay!