Wednesday, November 19, 2008

shot through the heart

well, not exactly, more like abdomen.

this evening i started my lupron injections. it was quick and painless. i let aaron do it since he's the "expert" at administering drugs.

this is exactly how it went down tonight. aaron got home from work, did tae bo, called his patients, took a shower, gave me the shot and then we both went to the app. state basketball game. so here i was, anticipating the worse all day and it was over and done with in a matter of seconds. so, yeah, it was sorta a let down but i guess i really can't complain.

i'll be on lupron for the next week and a half. what does lupron do? basically it prevents your body from ovulating naturally. next will be the stimms.

and so begins our journey.


casb77 said...

Yeah, the shots are pretty much always worse in your head than they are in reality. Well, except the PIO shots. It might be a let down, but with so many days of this ahead of you, it's probably better that it's easier than you thought it would be.

I linked over from FertilityCommunity. So much good info there. Have you joined the IVF thread for your month? It's helpful to cycle with other women. Good luck!

Super Blogger Girl! said...

I am glad to begin your journey with you! I am so excited actually, I will be thinking about you guys a lot! Just email me if you get sad, I remember TTC sucked for a while there, and the hormones don't help!

The McDowell's said...

Good Luck!!! We will be thinking of you guys a lot and sending happy baby thoughts your way!!


acaraway said...

Our prayers are with you! You are both so strong. We are so proud of you guys for persevering! Love you both! Go team baby!