Wednesday, February 18, 2009

found foto

"hold on a sec. i saw something i need to get." we wait for the girls that pulled in ahead of us to get out of their car. "is it money?" he asks. "no, even better!" i hop out of the car and grab the polaroid next to the girl's car door. i had spotted it on our way back to the car after eating dinner monday night. it was upside-down, but the instant i saw it, i knew what it was.

"why do you want this?" looking at the photo.

"haven't you ever seen those websites dedicated to found photos?"


i knew once i saw what was actually in the photograph, it wasn't worthy of submitting. blogworthy, maybe. but it was funny how excited i got when i spotted it. check out these sites and you'll see why. i found your camera, found photos on flickr, and found magazine.


acaraway said...

I love it! I totally dig the "found pics" idea. Have you seen the "Milk, Eggs, Vodka: Grocery Lists found" book? Our friend, Tim, that did your photobooth at your reception has it on his coffee table and I looked at it when I was at his house a couple of months ago. It's great. Check out: .

Super Blogger Girl! said...

Awesome find! we still have an undeveloped roll of film that was left at our house when we bought it. The people died here so i don't want to know what they looked like, but I can't throw it away for some reason.