Tuesday, January 25, 2011

what's your sign?

awes and i have been teaching the boy a few basic signs. he's been picking them up pretty easily but i'm not sure he's associating the meaning of the sign with what it actually is. for instance, when i tell him "please" he walks over and points to the graham crackers. i've shown him the sign for cookie but he prefers to use the "please" sign. if anything i'll have an overly polite boy who says "please" for everything. i guess it's close enough.

and his first "official" word. one where he associates the name to the object and can actually say it. nope not mama or dada. it's ball. he is his father's son.

hmmm, i just thought about it and my mom didn't put a sports option out when little man was choosing his destiny. i think he may be trying to tell her something. she may have a professional athlete as a grandson. ;)


Angela V. said...

I've been thinking about trying some sign out with Harper...only problem is, I don't know any! Well, I know maybe two or three. Did you get a book on sign or do you know sign? I'd be interested to know.

susan and sometimes aaron said...

i initially found a video on youtube with some basic signs. you can probably google it to find something. when irina was here at christmas she had a board book with basic signs.

i took pictures of the pages and have them on my phone for reference. i'll let you know about where to get hipstamatic prints. it'll be a upcoming blog post