Tuesday, August 21, 2012

well equipped

a good biker needs some fabulous accessories. i usually don't splurge on anything. most of what the boy has/wears is bought secondhand, on sale or a gift. for instance, shirt, helmet and bike all gifts.

when the boy first started riding his bike he would occasionally stop and pretend he was getting a drink from a camelbak. one, i was surprised he was pretending to do anything and two, i couldn't believe he remembered drinking out of one once as opposed the millions of times he's drunk out of a sippy cup. so when i saw this little camelbak at REI this past weekend i couldn't resist. the boy was very excited when we pulled it out for him. he immediately put it on and was off. i have to say it was a perfect gift for him!

shirt: gap  ||  shorts: carters  ||  shoes:  vans 
helmet: bell  ||  bike: chicco  ||  backpack: camelbak

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