Wednesday, October 06, 2004

everything is moving, moving, moving

riding 5 hours in the back of a pick up truck wasn't as nostalgic as we thought it would be. brian was pretty insistant we ride in the bed of my dad's new truck. he thought it would be great, just like when we were kids. he soon found out that when your 3x the size you were the last time you rode back there, things aren't so fantastic. we still had fun, the three of us, brian, irina(his wife) and i. it was great to see family again. i think i can handle them in small doses. i was glad that aaron was with me this time around. he makes everything more bearable. did get a little family gossip. the things you learn!

the wedding was, of course, beautiful. david and jessica set the bar pretty high! i'm just so picky, i don't think it's ever gonna happen, and not because of aaron, it'll all be me!

yesterday we went to the dodger/cardinals playoff. it was an experience. i had a great time, aaron on the other hand had a spectacular time. right now we're living nothing but baseball. it'll probably be this way till the end of the world series. i don't mind it too much, i like baseball a little more than i like any other spectator sport. go cards!

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