Tuesday, October 26, 2004

know when to hold 'em

okay, the unthinkable happened and the cardinals and red sox made it to the world series. there must have been some divine intervention involved here. so we get the perfect match up and what are the cardinals doing??? blowing it that's what! seriously, at least challenge the red sox. i mean you are the winningest team in baseball, at least show 'em how you got that title. ugh, why am i ranting on about this. i've been transformed into a baseball freak. pretty soon i'll be wearing the baseball earrings and carrying the transistor radio in my fanny pack. what a pretty picture.

on another note. went to hermann, had a great time. drank a little wine. never been a big fan of wine, still not. kristin had just a little too much and spent most of saturday afternoon and evening puking. saw a girl eat some dirty cheese, jeff got into a yelling match with a drunk girl and he was definetely "talking louder then she was" and had a guy lift his shirt up, rub his stomach while asking me how i was doing. to which i replied, "i'm not drunk, so this is not going to work on me." silly boy.

halloween is sounding more and more like a no go. i guess we need a weekend of rest. next weekend we'll head back to carbondale for jason and autumn's 30th birthday bash. they're going all out and having a mascarade party. how fun! can't wait, i think i'll get a big pouffy dress for the occassion. it's not often you get to wear pretty girly things.

dad's in baghdad this time around. i guess he's there for a 3 month tour. apparently he volunteered for this one. what a selfless man! i just sent him an email ranting on and on about the cardinals. he's probably wondering where all the baseball knowledge is coming from, certainly not from his dainty daughter. (well i guess dainty isn't a word to describe me at all). but you get the idea. although he's a self-proclaimed yankees fan he's gotta appreciate the two teams in the series. i mean they are both very deserving teams. but i still want the cards to win. go cards!

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