Sunday, April 10, 2005

bathroom brawl

those who know me, know that i don't deal with confrontation all too well. why create something out of nothing, which is the case about 99% of the time. but last night, i was ready to throw down in the women's bathroom. here's the story: it's about 1:30a, i've had a few. literally 2 all evening. i go to the bathroom, push the door and accidently hit a girl on the other side. she proceeds to use her foot as a doorstop when i try to get in. for some reason this pisses me off so i push as hard as i can, (all the working out has paid off) and bust in. then this girl starts cussing at me calling me a bitch. a nonstop barrage of profanities ensue. the whole time i'm thinking, "is this really happening?" some girls jump in the middle to try and calm the situation down. i could care less. this girl is obviously drunk and under the impression that the public bathroom is her own personal one. she could have stepped a foot over and prevented the whole situation. but no, she didn't. a stall opens up, she's says "if you need to go to the bathroom so bad, then go." so i go, i mean this is going nowhere. out of sight, out of mind. apparently. she'd forgotten the whole incident by the time we left the bathroom. i hate drunk biatches!

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