Wednesday, April 20, 2005

tree city, usa

new addiction: playing poker online. ugh. i don't have the time, yet i can't stop playing. what's wrong with me?

i got the final proof for rachel's wedding invite done tonight. hopefully, there won't be any more changes. i gotta get them done this weekend when aaron's in st. louis and i'll have the whole house to myself. i've gotta get started on the bachlorette invites as well. at least i'll get some cash when it's all done and over with. that's something to look forward to. kate's family is slowly becoming my little cash cow.

gotta start thinking of some ideas for 2 logos i've been asked to help create. having a full time job and doing freelance is getting hard. especially when it's so beautiful outside. i love seeing something i planted last year sprout back to life. it's awesome. okay, i'm a nerd, but that's okay!

i just heard that the parents of the infamous menedez brothers went to siu. crazy.

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