Wednesday, April 27, 2005

pseudo celebrity

this year the academy meeting was in new orleans and being the good girlfriend i am, i tagged along. (aaron really had to twist my arm *wink *wink) basically, it's residents attending classes all day and partying all night. literally, there was a party or two every night we were down there. everything paid for by drug companies, including alcohol, entertainment, food, beads... i mean everything!

the first night we were there, we went to a party that was in a club/bar on bourbon st. i can't recall the name, but i know it had a balcony where we spent most of the evening. it's amazing how it's mardi gras any time you're down there. well, i went back in to get a bite to eat and i look over and i see this guy talking to a small group of people. somehow his face is ringing a bell, and it finally dawns on me that it's the guy from the reality show, big brother. season 2 to be exact. (it's the only season i ever watched, i swear!) i run up to aaron, and of course he sorta knows what i'm talking about, but not really. and i send him over to get a closer look. he walks over, looks at him and comes back and tells me its not him. there's no way this guy isn't who i think he is. and mark's wife, laurie, is totally in agreement with me. apparently she's the only one in our whole group that watched the show. so i send aaron back over to ask the guy his name. (like the way i send aaron to do all the dirty work, he's gotta buzz so he doesn't mind) aaron head's back over and starts talking to the guy. guess what? it's him, will kirby, the winner from big brother 2. apparently he's a d.o. in southern california.

while aaron is talking to will, kristi, aaron's coworker, comes up and i tell her who aaron's talking to. she heads over, and this is literally their conversation, kristi: "you have nice hair." will: "i'm doing a poll on the hottest residents here, and you're definetly in the running." apparently that gets the ball rolling. we soon leave the bar, jill, jamie and i head for the male strip club across the street. while the rest of the gang heads to the dance club next door. will and kristi apparently make out for a while on the dance floor. he soon tells her that he has a girlfried. kristi ends the make out session. and that's the end of that. he called her 20 times over the next few days. but she had moved on from the pseudo celebrity. i did have brian, another one of aaron's coworkers, take our picture with him. but brian thought he was a tool and promptly erased the photo when we got home. the end.

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