Monday, August 27, 2007

the list

here's the movie list i've been promising for a month now. we started using the redbox kiosk in our local grocery store to rent most of the movies. it only costs $1 a night unlike blockbuster where you have to rent for 5 nights and pay $5. we were thinking about netflix, but we had this huge ordeal with our address not being recognized by the postal system that it hardly seemed worth the effort and energy to set up an account manually. normally we don't watch this many movies in a one month period.

my rating key
* don't bother, hated it
** watchable, but barely
*** good, if you have nothing better to do
**** definitely recommend
***** i love this movie

children of men ****
breach ***
the number 23 **
beerfest **
hot fuzz ****
black snake moan ****
employee of the month ***
disturbia ****
premonition ***
man of the year ***
the holiday **
music and lyrics ***
at close range ***
babel ***
zodiac ****
barton fink ****
the man who wasn't there ***
shooter ***

the following movies are part of our own stash, so a majority of the movies i'd highly recommend. we usually only purchase movies we love. there are a few exceptions. namely don juan demarco and trial and error. we got these movies free with pizza and there's good reason why. they're awful. i sat through trial and error, don juan was turned off 10 minutes into the movie. if you like johnny depp, don't rent this movie, it may change your opinion of him! ;)

raising arizona
the big lebowski
o brother, where art thou?
the way of the gun
groundhog day
slums of beverly hills
high fidelity
trial and error
suicide kings
chasing amy
what about bob?
royal tenenbaums
l.a. confidential
office space
rast times at ridgemont high

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