Wednesday, August 29, 2007


i just went to walgreens and bought a lunchable. thought it might be a little bit healthier then driving through somewhere. it had american cheese, turkey, crackers, a reese's peanut butter cup and a capri sun. number of calories=360. which seems kinda high for what little you get. maybe that's normal, but 40% of the daily recommended value of saturated fat is not. and we wonder why kids are getting obese.

i'd probably never eat if i actually read nutrition labels. i'm a total visual consumer. if your box looks pretty and the food looks remotely edible, i'm buying. luckily, we've been getting a steady stream of fresh veggies from aaron's co-workers and i'm not much of a sweets fan. that's probably my own saving grace. that and my i.b.s.

adrian and katie are getting here tomorrow so katie can interview with boone dermatology. it'll be insane if they decide to move here. i'm keeping my fingers crossed. hopefully they'll dig on boone the way we do. they'll be leaving saturday morning and since monday is a holiday and aaron has tuesdays off we're gonna visit the fam. we'll have the dogs in tow, so it should be a really fun ride.

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