Saturday, September 01, 2007

go mountaineers!

michigan (ranked 5th in the nation) paid appalachian state $400,000 to pad their win record. boy, was that a mistake. we got a call from jill and jerome on the road today. "you got your yellow and black on? app state just beat michigan!" *insert hooting and hollering!! unbelievable! yesterday, i was watching the weather channel and even the weather guy mentioned how it wasn't gonna be much of a game. yeah, i'm swelling with pride. i don't even like football, but i'm glad the little guy prevailed.  here's the espn article. way to go mountaineers!

btw, it's a seven hour drive from boone to baltimore. so we're almost halfway between the westphals and the richs. thought we'd be a little bit closer. oh well. we're here, kicking it with the fam. can't wait to get my grub on.

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