Thursday, September 13, 2007

talk-on-the-phone girl

yes, i've become that girl. main culprit: miss dana. the other night i found myself talking to her while texting both ryan and her. don't you just love technology. i had to delete both my in and outbox on my phone. it was 95% full. the girl can talk/write your ears off!

i finally got through an hour long conversation with jamie without becoming an emotional mess. i knew time would ease the separation sadness. i still miss her though. her and the fam will be making a trip out here in november. hopefully it won't be too cold, want to get some more camping in.

monday i went to winston to get my root canal wrapped up. i was able to make a brief stop in greensboro to visit jennaya and family. it was a bit of a whirlwind. i got a late start and only had a couple of hours to spend with them before my appt. we ended up running errands together and getting my frappacino fix in. i'm so glad they moved fairly close. i can do the drive on my own, so be on the lookout davis clan!

here's a short video of aaron weed-eating our hill. i did it the first time. he was quite surprised that i managed to do it all on my own. i am woman hear me roar!! and yes, he's wearing an app. state tee and he did say "i bet i look dead sexy doing this."

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