Thursday, September 20, 2007

sakura anyone?

here are some pics of what i made for the cherry blossom swap.

a messenger purse: (pattern-free, i'm starting to get this sewing thing)

a felt change purse: (practiced my french knot)

some bracelets: (i got the flower beads from walmart for a buck and recycled some old stretchy bracelets i had)

all-in-all it was fun making everything. these were my big items. i made a few more things that i didn't take pictures of.

here's the email i got this morning from one of my partners:
i received my altoid tin today, it was absoultely awesoem, i feel like the one i sent wasnt that great, i guess i will just say it is simple. i tried so many times to make a really cool pez one but is just didnt work. i love the vampire tin and will post pics tomorrow. thank you so much.

what if it is a huge disappointment. ugh. sometimes i feel like craftster is like american idol. people think they're good when they're not. i always give credit when credit is do, but damn, what do i do if i'm not excited or impressed? what a predicament.

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