Monday, October 01, 2007

in confidence

saturday i went out on watauga lake with vivian and the crew. we weren't sure when mark would be arriving so aaron stayed back and planned to meet up with us later. i got a text from aaron: we're going to do our own thing, call me later. i just assume they're gonna do some father/son bonding and get the whole "jane" situation sorted out from the get-go. when i arrived home i asked aaron if he said anything. "no, he mentioned something about karma when we were talking about getting him a digital camera for his birthday. he didn't elaborate and said he'd tell me more about it on the bike ride."


"should i bring it up?"

"sounds like he will soon."

backstory: apparently mark and jane are no longer a couple. we've heard this from both danny and nate. but he hasn't said a single word to aaron and it's been 2 months. he's talking and acting like they are still an item. do we keep pretending we don't know?

yesterday we went on the 17 mile virginia creeper bike ride. (i'll have pictures to post later) afterwards i decided to take a hot bath. when i got out and went downstairs the conversation aaron and his dad were having went down to a whisper. it's THE talk. a little awkward, so i grabbed a water and headed back upstairs. i could barely hear what was being said...something about fake sprained ankle, parade, funeral homes. it's so out of context that i decided not to listen plus i know aaron will tell me later. so i thought. he comes up an hour later.


"he asked me to keep it in confidence and i want to respect that."

WHAT? hello?!? wife here!

nothing more was said. it was late and i knew it'd be useless to argue, especially with mark in the next room. i'll be saying a lot tonight. mark went down to asheville til tomorrow. do you think aaron should tell me or not? i was just wondering if i'm in the wrong here or at least get other opinions.

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